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No matter what your profession, if you are a small business with employees or a individual self employed person, you can get a quote from our independent agent serving all residents of Massachusetts.



Massachusetts Health Insurance for the Self Employed

Massachusetts health insurance for the self employed Massachusetts

Health insurance for the self employed is easy to find however it is very difficult to make a selection and make a decision. There are over 9 companies with over 200 plans for the self employed in MA.

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Most small businesses are focused on their customers, marketing, budgeting, planning, managing and scheduling. Then when it comes to cost reduction and control, with health insurance offerings being so broad and deep, that it becomes overwhelming for the owners to sort out a good plan at low cost. In order to keep good employees and meet the needs of the owner’s family they becomes torn between meeting the Massachusetts laws, doing what is right and making a profit.

 Help is always available from the Independent Insurance Agent who at no cost to the owner, can assess the needs, and match them to the budget and provide a tailor made plan. All health plans in MA meet the Massachusetts MCC requirements (Minimal Creditable Coverage).

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